About Us

Simply Love Transportation was founded in 2015 by an energetic and highly motivated professional caregiver, Jane Jordan. Working in a nursing home environment and for the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority, Jane is well versed in team building, leadership, and creative management.

Client Website Image 4With years of experience in the assisted transportation industry, Jane witnessed firsthand the need for more reliable, responsive, and professional assisted transportation in Jefferson County and the surrounding region. As family members and patients endured lengthy wait times by local providers, Jane became inspired and motivated to offer a more personal and timely solution.

Leveraging her extensive experience in teambuilding, interpersonal skills, and communication, Jane and all of Simply Love Transportation continue to build strong relationships with area customers, facilities, and staff. Unlike other services focused exclusively on volume and profits, Simply Love is focused on meeting specific, individual customer needs.

Keen on fulfilling a tender-hearted mission, Simply Love focuses on A.G.A.P.E – Always Giving Amazing People Excellence!

Our Mission:

To provide our clients with a unique, cost effective, and reliable transportation solution that meets individual needs while accommodating facility policies and concerns.

We accomplish our Mission through (1) effective strategic planning with an emphasis on controlled growth, (2) recruiting, training, and retaining competent and capable staff and employees, (3) utilizing state of the art ADA-compliant vehicles and equipment, (4) developing effective and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships throughout our community, and (5) maintaining a flexible posture poised to adjust to various client, facility, and market needs.

On behalf of Jane and all of Simply Love Transportation, we welcome the opportunity to meet, greet, and learn how we can serve your transportation needs. Please feel free to contact us at (662) 592-0222.

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